All Star Moms

All Star Moms

All Star Moms is a unique group exercise class where you can bring your babies or older kids with you. This is a great way to get out with your kids and shape up at the same time, without the need of a babysitter, in a fun, stress free environment.

Classes are held in one of the main courts at Delta Sports Dome – indoors in a wide, open space with lots of room for buggies and toddlers. Delta’s wonderful Café is the perfect place for both adults and kids to socialise and meet new people after the workout. 

The classes are a mix of cardio, strength and resistance based exercises using kettlebells or your own bodyweight. The exercises will help you regain core strength, improve your posture, increase your fitness level, tone your muscles, regain energy and your overall mental well being.

All fitness levels are welcome – from Walkers to Sprinters.










          Anto McDonald

          Phone: 086 385 8507
          Email: antomcdonald76@gmail.com

          1 day ago

          All Star Moms

          The absolute state of me😂😂
          I'm shaving before next session on Friday. If you want to join just DM me your number and I'll add you to our group. It's free and lasts about 40 minutes all in.
          Great way to get going for the day. Anyone can join in.
          Today's session was a tabata(sweaty one)
          20 second work, 10 second rest by 8 sets
          Exercises as below,alternate every 20s
          1a butt kicks
          1b weighted squats

          2a plank
          2b Mt climbers

          3a step ups
          3b tricep dips

          4a arm curl to shoulder press
          4b high knees

          5a press ups
          5b reverse lunge

          1 minute rest between rounds
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          6 days ago

          All Star Moms

          Hi all.
          Here's another session for you to do. We done this as a group through zoom this morning. Let me know if you are interested by sending a DM and I will add you to the list.

          Here's the session.
          Every minute on the minute. 5 rounds. Use a weight where you can
          20 reverse lunge.
          12 push ups or 30 seconds plank if sick of push ups
          15 kb Thrusters or 20 squat jumps
          8 arm Curls and 8 tricep extension. Use a gear bag full of full cans if you have no weights
          14 step ups on sturdy chair.
          Eg. do exercise 1, if it takes you 40 seconds you have 20 seconds rest before you start next exercise.
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          1 week ago

          All Star Moms

          Hi all. Hope ye are all well. As ye can see from video I have gone all Tom hanks with my isolation except losing the weight obviously 😂😂Just attaching a video of the exercises for the workout below. Any abuse is probably warranted. Thinking of doing a few online sessions. Can ye send me a DM if interested and I will create a group.
          The workout is
          5 rounds of below increasing in reps or time each round
          Strides 10,12,14,16,18 each leg
          Wall sit 20s 25s 30s 35s 40s
          Push ups 10,12,14,16,18
          Step ups 10,12,14,16,18
          Mt climbers 10,12,14,16,18 each leg
          Squats 10,12,14,16,18
          Tricep dips 10,12,14,16,18
          Plank 20s 25s 30s 35s 40s

          Push as hard as you can. Reduce reps if necessary. If you are unsure if you should be doing any of the above exercises send me a message.
          Stay safe and keep moving.
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          2 weeks ago

          All Star Moms

          Hi all.
          Hope ye had a lovely day yesterday.
          2 workouts
          First one is for outside if you have a chance. Can be done out the front of your house if you want.
          Warm up with 10 squats, 10 lunges, 40 high knees. 2 rounds
          Then brisk walk or slow jog for 1 minute
          Then fast run for 30 seconds.
          Repeat 10 times
          Cool down with 5mins easy walk and stretching

          Workout 2
          You can use water bottles, kettlebells or grocery bags as weights where needed.

          Pyramid workout
          5 thrusters (squat to shoulder press with weight in both hands)
          5 push ups
          5 shoulder Taps each side in straight arm plank position
          5 single arm rows on each side
          5 front lunges each leg
          5 reverse lunges each leg
          5 donkey kicks each leg
          5 bridge with a pause at top.
          5 high knees each leg
          Then do 10 of each, 15 of each, 20 of each.
          Then go back to 15, 10 and 5.
          Stretch at the end and keep good form throughout
          Enjoy and feel free to contact me if you are unsure of any exercise.
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          3 weeks ago

          All Star Moms

          Hi all. An idea to kill some time with kids and get a workout. All you need is a deck of cards.
          25 minutes of as many rounds as possible.
          Rules are,
          Pull a random card from the deck and perform the number of reps of corresponding movement for that card
          ♥️=push up
          ♦️=sit ups/20 second plank, alternate between front and side plank
          🃏=15 burpees 🤢 or 50 high knees

          jacks = 11 reps,
          queens 12 reps
          kings 13 reps
          Ace=10 reps

          Eg if you draw a 9 of ♦️you have to do 9 sit ups.

          Hope ye enjoy 🏋️‍♂️🚴‍♂️

          Best wishes
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