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''Your health becomes our priority''

Peak Health is a personal training facility devoted to helping everyday people transform their lives. We do this through two key and nutrition.

We take these steps to the next level, helping all our clients transform their bodies, not alone visually, but mentally and physically. We simply build healthier and happier bodies.

When you train with us here at Peak Health you become part of a family. Surrounded by like minded people who are driven and motivated each in their own individual way. We are here with you every step of the way through your personal transformation and our coaches will do absolutely anything they can to help you along.

We have no certain niche of people we train. We train all ages, genders, sizes and shapes. You just need one thing...a will to change!
You must truly want to change and put in the hard work when necessary. If you can do that much then we will look after the rest!

If you feel like you can become part of the PEAK FAMILY then fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch soon.


At Peak Health we focus on our clients overall performance. Not just in the gym but also in daily activities, eating habits, work performance, energy levels and sleep patterns. We address all aspects so that we can enhance our clients overall performance in life.


One of our main priorities is to educate each one of our clients. We educate in all areas such as training and nutrition. We have found from years of experience in this industry that the better our clients understand our systems and processes then the better the end result overall. We like our clients to understand the WHY.


We train all our clients to live an athletic lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you must compete at a high level of sport. It simply means that we build strong, fit and active bodies. We build our clients to become healthier and happier overall using this strategy.


It always has been and always will be here at Peak Health.Our coaches have attended many seminars and workshops all around Europe with some of the best coaches, trainer and teachers in the world and have done so so that we can deliver the highest quality of service to our clients here in Limerick. Why? Because we simply care about each clients that becomes part of the Peak Family.

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“I love being part of such an enthusiastic team of people who are genuinely interested in providing the best facility for fitness around. The Delta staff took a leap of faith on me and helped to ki...

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