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KinderGym Activity Centre

KinderGym is a Children’s activity centre for babies and children from 3 months to 7 years to take part in structured and educationally based music, art, play, sports and fitness classes.

It is also a special place to spend quality family time together, make new friends and have fun!

Kindergym classes in our unique children’s gym are structured, age-appropriate classes aimed at children’s developmental levels.

From babies to kids of 7 years, there is a class to suit each stage of your child’s life. Classes build physical, cognitive and social skills.


Contact: Audrey Yeoman

Phone: 087 6293002
Email: info@kindergym.ie

KinderGym Music Classes

All our music programs are educationally based and age appropriate to introduce young children to all types for musical styles and musical thymes in a fun and non competitive social environment.

Our unique music programs have 3 developmental stage options:

Stage 1: For popular babies class is for young babies from 5 to 9 months old Pre-Crawlers) and gently introduces them to the world around them through stimulation songs, nursery rhymes, baby dances and tummy time.

Stage 2: Our toddler stage classes engage children in rhythm and rhymes and the classes develop fine motor skills and encourage speech and language development in this very important transition time from baby to toddler years. Children are becoming more active and the classes both encourage and challenge toddlers as they mix with their peers. During the class the children play percussion instruments to music selections and songs and develop a sense of rhythm and co-ordination through dances and other musical activities.

Stage 3: Independent pre- schoolers are now becoming aware of their own abilities and this stage of our class helps to develop independence, self confidence and encourage imaginative play through our musical themes and drama activities. And all our music programs allow for special quality time between parent and child.

Little Picasos Art Classes

3 levels of age appropriate activities and projects.

All Welcome, for more information please contact Audrey Yeoman 087-6293002.

KinderGym Gallery