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The Postnatal Coach

The Post Natal Coach

Empowering Moms through Exercise & Nutrition

The Postnatal Coach offers 6 week exercise class programmes in Delta Sports Dome, Limerick. The programme is ideal for Moms that want to strengthen their core & bodies through exercise & nutrition in a progressive & safe manner. 

My passion is to look after the Postnatal Mom & help her rebuild & strengthen her body from the inside out through exercise & nutrition & a more holistic approach so she can deal effectively with the everyday demands motherhood has on the body & mind.

Please visit www.thepostnatalcoach.com for more details about the programme and how to book.









Contact: Sara Howard

Phone: 086 828 3622
Email: sara.howard@me.com
Web: www.thepostnatalcoach.com

4 weeks ago

The Postnatal Coach

Taking a social media holiday ❤️❤️❤️

So after taking a 5 day family trip to Kerry last week which was just so refreshing for the head & soul with lots of thinking time I’ve decided to do what I’ve been talking about for a long time and take a social media or technology break.

I really have a love/hate relationship with social media & technology and being on it and having to use it for a good number of years now both personally and in business I know all the pros and cons and to be honest with you there are definitely more pros to it for me lately as I have found some amazing inspiring people, businesses and mentors through it and from instagram I’ve definitely found my love for photography again but also a really lovely community of followers that I feel I have got to know over the last while through my stories and chats, thank you all for your kind messages and support❤️😘❤️ and for listening to me 😄.

Also after embracing technology and doing free online live classes and staying on social media throughout the whole of lockdown I found some major pros to it. It not only kept me motivated to move indoors and outside with my walking group but it also helped me to stay connected to friends, family and to my lovely Moms that helped me feel part of a community and supported me as much as I supported them.

But looking back on it now I can see I was also using it a bit as a comfort blanket and a distraction to what was going on which again is perfectly fine considering what we are going through, please note no judgement here on myself or anyone else. However after spending some real quality fun family and friend downtime last week and I’m sure it had a lot to do with the Pandemic as I enjoyed everything on a whole new level. It was surreal as it was only 5 days but for the majority of those 5 days I managed to switch totally off from what was going on in the outside world and so did my family but obviously still been careful.

We rented a small quirky little cottage in the middle of a mountain in Kerry because I wasn’t ready to go anywhere busy just yet but it felt like the swankiest hotel in the world to me as I was just so grateful it wasn’t my four walls😂. Did anyone else feel like that? Seeing and hearing nothing but sheep baa in the hills morning to night was the sweetest sound🥰. It lashed out of the heavens (as it does on most Irish holidays LOL) for a couple of days but again it didn’t matter, we got up and made the most of it and enjoyed our first meal and drinks out in months and again it felt like the nicest restaurant/bar food and pints in the world😍. I had my first swim in the sea this year in the torrential rain which was so invigorating and was actually warm and beautiful and just made us feel alive. And then to finish couple of days of rain we were so lucky to come across a full rainbow on one of the most gorgeous beaches, it really was magic.

From hearing kids laugh and screech with delight at the beach and pass the hours away by building sandcastles to watching them running in and out of the water, making the maddest of games up to running up and down on sand dunes, collecting shells and special rocks to flying kites and going in out on kayaks and boats to see our famous dolphin Fungi in Dingle. Just doing what kids should and love to do over a summer was just so uplifting for the mind and soul to see and hear.

Even running up a mountain with my friend in torrential rain and skitting about the old days totally out of breath was torturous but joyful. Eating the freshest of bread & fish cooked by your friends over a few drinks with laughs while the kids played and going home late for a movie and treats was again such a joy and such a change from the last four months of lockdown and all the fear and unknown that came with it.

The last number of months have been tough on the majority of people, in very different ways but feeling a bit of normality and getting enjoyment and feeling extremely grateful from very simple things in life, even for a short period made the world feel safe again not only for me and my husband but for our kids too.

I’m not being naive or thinking we are over this or that we might not have a second wave and lockdown but we need to get out when we can and enjoy the simple things especially with the kids and even watch how they do it, we can learn a lot from them❤️. Because I feel if we do have a second lockdown at least we will have wonderful memories and our heads will hopefully in be in a better place to cope with it. So it’s about handling and preparing for the future for the next while and to do that it’s all about trying to find that balance not just for our kids but for us too.

During lockdown I was so grateful for what beauty I had on my doorstep, for my walks and really explored my surrounding area, and now and I know others are feeling this too I am feeling so grateful for living in such a beautiful country and I’m going to try and explore it with the kids, in areas where I feel safe and comfortable to and my kids can enjoy their summer as they should.

So as much as I’m loving and have embraced technology over the last few months I know I need a well needed break from it too to give my head and kids that time instead. I’m going to embrace lots of forms of movement and music and nature and food that are going to nurture my soul and mind and I’ll hopefully come back totally refreshed with lots of new ideas. But I’m also going to be working away in the background on creating my new programme. Its good to get a new perspective on looking after and nurturing Moms after having a baby and the pandemic has definitely done that for me. I might not be able to hold and hug a Mom’s baby for awhile so she can get her exercise in or wrap my Moms in blankets for their relaxation time or make them tea and treats but I’ll figure out another way to nurture and mind them❤️❤️❤️.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to take off but it will be at least 3 weeks, I might last a day 😂, wish me luck!!! But you can still contact me on e-mail at Sara.howard@me.com.

Thanks to everyone for all the enquires on my in person classes, they will be back in mid September (all going well) but I will let you know the details as soon as I do.

Take care, stay safe and stay moving and stay kind x.

Sara ❤️
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1 month ago

The Postnatal Coach

Don’t underestimate the power, beauty and calmness that nature brings ❤️❤️❤️.
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1 month ago

The Postnatal Coach

Thanks Diana from Diana's Swim Academy for asking me to talk live tonight on your instagram page, we talked about everything from exercise & nutrition to mental health in the postnatal period. It was so lovely for you to ask me & so much fun to chat to you😘❤️.

Check out our chat on the link below x
Sara x

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2 months ago

The Postnatal Coach

Last Chance to join our 21 Day Challenge that’s starting tomorrow and last chance to join my online classes for free.
You decide what your goals are and how you are going to do it, the group provides the accountability, support 💓 and motivation and obviously lots of classes both live & recorded 💓.
Let’s get rid of some or all of the bad habits lockdown might have created and let’s cultivate some healthy ones before the summer holidays 😊.

Sara x
All you have to do is join The Postnatal Coach Facebook group.
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