The Postnatal Coach

The Post Natal Coach

Empowering Moms through Exercise & Nutrition

The Postnatal Coach offers 6 week exercise class programmes in Delta Sports Dome, Limerick. The programme is ideal for Moms that want to strengthen their core & bodies through exercise & nutrition in a progressive & safe manner. 

My passion is to look after the Postnatal Mom & help her rebuild & strengthen her body from the inside out through exercise & nutrition & a more holistic approach so she can deal effectively with the everyday demands motherhood has on the body & mind.

Please visit www.thepostnatalcoach.com for more details about the programme and how to book.


Next round is starting the week of the 24th of February for 6 weeks.








        Contact: Sara Howard

        Phone: 086 828 3622
        Email: sara.howard@me.com
        Web: www.thepostnatalcoach.com

        So good to see the local rowing 🚣‍♂️ club back in action this week❤️. I rowed this river about 10 years ago over the summer months with a few other girls, mainly to get out of the house after having a baby and get some me time ❤️. It was a very long, slow row with lots of chats & giggles 😬😂, we would have never won a race 😂. But wow I still remember how amazingly beautiful & peaceful the river was at times. All rowers this week must feel like they have won the lotto 😉🥰. #itsthesmallthings #grateful #goodforthesoul ... See MoreSee Less

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        Darkness into Light ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ Sunrise Appeal.
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        3 weeks ago

        The Postnatal Coach

        “My wish is to always stay like this, living quietly in a corner of nature” - Claude Monet
        #natureishealing #natureisgoodforthesoul #staygrounded #staycalm #staykind #happyfriday @ Castleconnell
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        “Anxiety or depression will not go away in a pandemic. In fact, without support from extended family and friends, some women will find things a lot more stressful at home,” Dr Mahady said (who is currently the Perinatal Psychiatrist in Limerick). Read the below link for the full article.

        Thank you again to everyone that messaged me support but also advice for Moms going through this especially current pregnant Moms or in the early postnatal stages. This is a flyer one of my lovely Moms had given me from Maria Gibbons about the services they have in UL Hospital at present. Referral to this service has to be from hospital staff or your GP.

        Again best of luck in your journey x.
        Sara x

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        So I chickened out of posting this video 3 months ago when I recorded it as I felt I still wasn't ready for people to hear about the anxiety and depression that I experienced for a number of years. Everyday since then I have regretted it as I recorded it so I could try and reach and help some Moms with postnatal mental issues.

        However, I always knew I would eventually post it, I just felt it had to be the right time for me and my mental health and also the right time for the people that would listen to it.

        Today I feel is that day, not only because its World Maternal Mental Health Day💓, but with what has gone on in our society over the last couple of months (since I've recorded this) I feel anxiety and depression have increased and will continue to do so as we go back into our new normal society (whatever that is going to look like).

        Especially anxieties around areas we may never have thought about before, like going into a busy restaurant, shop, pub and everyday normal social activities the majority of people before now took in their stride, but freaked me out for a couple of years.

        I'm not saying I know the answer or even if this video will help you, but if you are experiencing any sort of mental health issue I'm saying I see you. Even that can help to know you are not alone or the only person feeling this way. If you do need help, reach out to someone you can trust but if you don’t feel ready to talk to friends or family just yet or feel they won’t understand, please find professional help from either your doctor or a counselling service, don’t do this alone.

        I’m currently still fine (as stated in the video) and my anxiety is still at a normal level even after going through what the world has gone through over the last few months, but that could be for a number of reasons. Maybe its because I've figured out how to manage it or maybe it’s the fact that lockdown doesn't feel much different to me and also my family & friends are all still healthy. It’s probably a bit of all the above but I'm hoping it’s more the former, we’ll just have to wait and see, all I can do is take it day by day and I would advice you the same xxx.

        Take care & wishing you all the best on your journey x

        💓Sara x💓
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