The Postnatal Coach

The Post Natal Coach

Empowering Moms through Exercise & Nutrition

The Postnatal Coach offers 6 week exercise class programmes in Delta Sports Dome, Limerick. The programme is ideal for Moms that want to strengthen their core & bodies through exercise & nutrition in a progressive & safe manner. 

My passion is to look after the Postnatal Mom & help her rebuild & strengthen her body from the inside out through exercise & nutrition & a more holistic approach so she can deal effectively with the everyday demands motherhood has on the body & mind.

Please visit www.thepostnatalcoach.com for more details about the programme and how to book.


Next round is starting the week of the 24th of February for 6 weeks.








        Contact: Sara Howard

        Phone: 086 828 3622
        Email: sara.howard@me.com
        Web: www.thepostnatalcoach.com

        20 hours ago

        The Postnatal Coach

        I’m delighted to be asked to speak at this Hotmilk lingerie event in Brown Thomas, Limerick alongside Ailish from The Bump Room, next Wednesday at 10am.

        Limerick Moms, it should be a lovely morning but limited spaces so to book please click on the link below


        Sara x
        #lookingaftermoms #hotmilklingerie #brownthomaslimerick #postnatalcare #selfcare #breastfeeding #momsupportingmoms
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        Thank you to all the beautiful Moms that were with me on my last programme that finished up yesterday💗. Its always hard to say goodbye but its always great to hear you got so much from the programme 💗 and its so lovely some of you are staying with me in my continuation classes💗.

        My next 6 week programme starts next Monday 24th of February bringing us right up to the 3rd of April for the Easter Holidays. I'm very flexible if Moms miss classes as I understand Moms, babies, toddlers or husbands:) get sick or have appointments so if you miss a day you can attend any of the classes on the other days.

        Please note a change of day for this round due to an event that I've been asked to speak at next Wednesday, details to follow😉.

        To book my next round please go to my website www.thepostnatalcoach.com or if you have any questions message me or call me, I love to get a phone call🙂 on 086-8283622.

        Please share with anyone or any groups you think this might be of interest to.

        Thanks in advance,
        Take care,
        Sara x
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        As it’s Random Act of Kindness Day 💕& week this week I’m including this beautiful book along with The Postnatal Mom guide in my gift 💝 bag for this round of my programme which is starting next week💕. I think we all need a bit of love & kindness towards each other this week.💕

        This is a beautiful true story of loss, hope, love & forgiveness that shines a little light for any Mom that is finding motherhood a little hard, which we all do at some stage💗.

        Click on www.thepostnatalcoach.com/ for more details of my programme. There is also a FREE workshop this Friday for anyone that is signed up.

        Love Sara x

        #randomactsofkindness #lookingaftermoms #momsupportingmoms #everymomhasmagickisses #bercollins #postnatalcare #postnatalfitness #changestartswithus #bekind #lookingafteryou
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        I like most people was so upset to hear the news of Caroline Flack’s death yesterday, she was a beautiful hard working woman with the most infectious adorable laugh. However I wasn’t overly surprised as this is becoming quite a frequent tragedy both locally in my area, across Ireland and across the world.

        It is something that has really worried me over last year or so, as I’ve seen it grow bigger and nastier. I’ve had to unfollow local newspapers and even unfollow some famous people that I would have enjoyed following, not because of what they are reporting on or what these people are saying but because of the negative or judgmental comments people feel they can post under that story or person with absolute no real background on the person or the story.

        There are a lot of positives for the advances in technology over the years but I have honestly wanted to throw my phone in a bin so many times lately but always stopped myself because what would that teach my kids? They are going to be facing this very soon and it scares the hell out of me but I have to keep up to date with what’s going on so I can understand it and them more as they head towards their teenage years but also to teach them how to be resilient and most of all kind & respectful towards everyone, not just their friends.

        People over the last day or so are quick to jump on the bandwagon to judge & blame the tabloids & social media for Caroline’s death and yes I agree that they have had a big hand in this. But these newspapers/tabloids would not be making money if there wasn’t a need or desire for the nasty headlines or the way they report on this. We have collectively created and are all responsible for this culture but we can also collectively change this culture. Change starts with us!!

        Can we try to stop blaming people and finger pointing and just take a really good look at ourselves and how we are behaving towards each other, towards our families, towards our children, towards strangers & also celebrities? Can we let people and celebrities be human, we all make mistakes, without judging or slating them. And can we look at ways to help teach our kids to deal with criticism and negativity towards them whether they are the person that people are saying these nasty things about or witnessing them towards their friends or family. Are we supporting them or are we just blaming the bullies and staying out of it or staying quiet for a easy life? I’m guilty of all of the above but especially staying quiet in the past and have regretted not speaking up for myself or people I believe that have been wronged or been bullied so that’s where I’m going to commit to change.

        Lets do this not just in memory of Caroline but for all the beautiful tortured souls that have taken their life or are still struggling for these reasons.


        Sara x
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        2 weeks ago

        The Postnatal Coach

        If you haven’t tried Diana’s barre classes at Boutique Barre out yet please check this out, you won’t regret it, it will fun but intense😉 workout morning🥰 Delta SportsDome.
        Sara xWeather getting you down? Why not come crank up the heat with Ms. Spears!

        We’re hitting the barre hard with the best of Brit!! In this special 90-minute Britney Themed Workshop! Come get #inthezone with a dynamic warm-up, barre section, light weights and conditioning, floor section consisting mostly of Pilates based exercises and a lovely stretch to finish!
        .Afterwards we will relax and chat with some healthy nibbles #soyum
        .An event not to be missed!! Grab your #barrebestie for a morning of sweat and sass
        .Date: Sunday Feb. 09 @11am
        .Cost: 15 Euro
        .Location: @deltasports.dome
        .➡️Book your place today at: www.boutiquebarre.net
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